Preseason Primer: Minnesota Vikings Week 1

With the unofficial start to football season kicking off last night with the premier of HBO’s Hard Knocks, we will finally get to see some actual football being played this weekend.  Now, I know the Hall of Fame game and one other game this Wednesday have already been played but I don’t give a shit about that.  All I care about the those Norsemen from Minnesota.  I could not be more excited to see their starters in action for 7 total plays followed by a bunch of guys whose names it isn’t worth learning play in a game that doesn’t actually count.  Just typing that gave me goosebumps.  It really is sick that that sentence really wasn’t hyperbole.  I honestly do love it.  I am just so happy to have football back on the schedule.  Watching all Sunday afternoon while nursing a hangover is one of my favorite things to do.  Its really my only reason for going out on Saturday nights.

Minnesota will start the 2017 preseason off in perfect Vikings fashion by taking on the Buffalo Bills.  What could be less palatable than watching two of the biggest losers in NFL history play a meaningless game in August.  I love it.  This game is so pointless that I live in New York and I cannot find a way to watch it.  I have actually looked too, hard.  This just means I will have to catch the replay on NFL network at some ungodly hour and I absolutely will.  What’s worse than watching a game that doesn’t count played by nobodies at 3 am?  Watching a game that doesn’t count played by nobodies at 3 am that you already know the final score to.  And I cannot wait.

I thought about doing an actual in-depth preview with analysis of starters and positions to watch but the first depth chart is already out and the starters won’t play for shit.  The only things to really keep an eye on are how does Mackensie Alexander look in the slot, does Pat Elflein appear competent at center, who starts at weak side linebacker and I guess I wouldn’t hate seeing how Dalvin Cook looks.  Other than that, the rest of the positions are pretty much set pending any injuries.  They are not all that deep in a number of key positions so that will surely come into play.  Anyways, lets keep it positive, 1-0 preseason here we come!

Prediction: Vikings 28 Bills 10

Game is at 7:00 EST Thursday Night, good luck finding it if you don’t live in Buffalo or Minnesota.
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