The Unofficial Start To Football Season Is Here, Hard Knocks Is Back

Oh boy oh boy, professional football is back in our lives and, as is the yearly tradition, we kick it off with the premiere of HBO’s Hard Knocks.  This year, the film crew will be following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which means we are gonna get a whole lotta Jameis.  The Bucs are an interesting team to have on the show because they won’t necessarily be dog shit like the typical subject of the program.  They are actually a fairly trendy pick to win their division this year and with the talent surrounding Jameis its not hard to see why.  They are absolutely loaded with talented pass catchers.  Mike Evans is still a beast, they added free agent DeSean Jackson, and if that wasn’t enough, they went out and drafted the best TE prospect in the draft, OJ Howard, with their first round pick.  But enough of me sucking their dick, I just watched episode one and I have some thoughts.

  • Gerald McCoy’s kids are fucking adorable.  That eggs and bacon song his daughter was singing will be stuck in my head till morning.
  • Got a Gruden sighting within the first 25 minutes.  Hope this is the beginning of a trend.
  • I think I have a non sexual crush on Mike Evans.  Dude is a boss but just seems so fucking calm and chill all the time.  This should piss me off but instead I got nothing but fuzzy feelings.  Not a bad looking guy either…maybe its not so platonic after all.
  • Could have done without the yoga montage.
  • Snoop Dogg shows up on FaceTime for some reason.  I guess he’s some dudes mentor?  Fucking love this show.
  • The rookie talent show always feels weird to me.  Really just leaves me feeling uncomfortable but every team seems to do it so maybe I’m the weird one.
  • Actually, I’ve rethought my talent show take.  One dude sang the Canadian National Anthem and I got chills.  All in on rookie talent shows, lets go.
  • All the shots of screened in pools is giving me Florida PTSD.
  • They already made their first cut of the season with 22 minutes left in the premier, brutal league that NFL.
  • Jameis doing his best JJ Watt impression, working out in the middle of the night alone with the voice over laying it on thick.  Still just as douchy.

Thats enough for one episode.  I’ll check back in on each one throughout the season as long as things stay interesting and are worth writing about.
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