Don’t Look Now But The Red Sox Have Won 8 Straight

Thats a real life winning streak coming at you.  I forgot how much fun baseball can be when your team actually resembles a competent set of human beings working together to achieve a common goal.  You know things are going well when even Rick looks good.  I am not sure how much longer this wave is going to last but I’ll ride that thing as far as it will take me.

This team is so streaky that I should be more concerned about what happens when the playoffs come around and we get a repeat of last year where they peaked about 3 weeks too early and their bats went as flaccid as an old man who forgot to refill his Cialis.  But I won’t do any of that.  Instead, Ill just keep the positive vibes flowing and see how many more they can string together and just watch that gap grow between them and the rest of the AL East.  That whole potential cooling off during playoffs issue is future Josh’s problem and, like I always say, fuck that guy.

Sox are off tomorrow then its a three game series against the Yankees with E-Rod Friday then Drew Saturday and something called Doug Fister Sunday.  Lets see how much farther they can stretch that lead.

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