Hard Knocks Episode 2: A Couple Thoughts

HBO’s Hard Knocks episode 2 came out last night I was just going to watch it and let it go into the ether but then that music hit and I had no choice.  A couple thoughts real quick.

  • DeSean Jackson talking shit about LeBron will always garner a post.  Him basically calling him a pussy was something I could watch all day.
  • Jameis might become a full fledged star this year.  He’s got the weapons around him and he just seems to have that extra something about him.  Really wish all that shit in college wasn’t always in the back of my mind but with allegations like that, even when exonerated, its hard to ever really know the truth.  Makes it really tough to go all in rooting for a guy when there is even a 0.000001% chance that he did what he was accused of.  I guess thats how we should treat allegations like that because of how horrible that crime is but thats another story all together.
  • Miko Grimes, always more Miko Grimes.  If you find a women who rides for you as hard as Miko does for her man you never ever ever let her go.  She terrifies me and I will never not love her.  Also, ‘don’t shoot your mom, I birthed you’ is a quote I never knew I needed in my life.
  • The quarterback room talking about people getting cut was short but telling.  Jameis ending it with ‘they don’t care’ is really a perfect reminder that these guys lay their bodies on the line each day and their employers really don’t give a shit about them.  I love football.
  • It’s good to see Ryan Fitzpatrick back and throwing picks.  Did you know he went to Harvard?
  • Gerald McCoy loves Batman.  His life goal is to be punched by a super hero.  Thats a direct quote, not hyperbole.  That’s an insane thing to say for so many reasons.
  • Jameis laying the guilt trip on the O linemen that gave up the sack that injured their backup when they were joking around and laughing on the sideline was awesome.  Really enjoyed that.
  • Releasing that kicker after spending a second round pick on him last year would be laugh out loud funny if I hadn’t just watched him find out his dreams had been crushed.  I feel bad for him but will never stop laughing at that organization.  Seriously, what a joke of a front office to make that pick and then give up so fast.  That just screams stability.
  • The cuts remain the best and worst part about this show.  They are easily the most drama filled moments but you are witnessing the end of something these guys have been doing their entire lives.  Can’t imagine what that must feel like.


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