The Minnesota Vikings Meaningless Game Number One Recap

Vikes Bills Box

1-0 baby!  Thats what Mike Zimmer does, goes blind in one eye and has surgery after surgery after surgery and wins preseason games.  No one does it better.  Now, I did not actually watch the game because even though I live in New York and they were playing the Buffalo Bills, the game was not televised in my area.  Which, lets be honest, is perfect Bills.  They cannot even get their game shown in their own backyard.  What a worthless franchise, never change, Bills.  So since I had to watch this pointless display of physical activity using the game cast feature on my phone my analysis may not be Gruden level but its all I got.

The game unfolded about how one would expect.  The starting defense looked pretty good and the starting offense punted a lot.  Death and taxes.  Bradford was 5-7 for an eye popping 35 yards and was sacked a couple times.  Both are not confidence inducing statistics but also to be expected.  Four of the five spots on their offensive line are manned by new bodies and their left tackle didn’t even play so it would be foolish not to expect some growing pains which means I am not in full panic mode but it would have been nice if they could have shown out a little better in their not so prime time debut.  I really don’t know if giving Bradford more time will alleviate his penchant for throwing two yards short of the sticks every third down but it would be nice to find out for sure.  Anyways, Dalvin Cook got a little bit of a chance and he looked like a competent NFL running back which is a positive for sure.  He didn’t do anything spectacular but I like his pass catching ability out of the backfield, especially with the aforementioned check down frequency.  I think he made a mistake in pass protection too but that is always the last thing for a rookie running back to master so its hardly end of days.

The backups were the backups but they did seem to move the ball better than the first team did so I guess thats something.  I really do believe that Mike Zimmer and his staff are quality coaches and I think that is most evident in their ability to consistently field better reserves than the other teams they face in the preseason.  That 13-1 all time pointless game record may not put any Lombardis on the shelf but I don’t think its something to completely ignore.  The fact that I am praising the no names and their stellar record in meaningless games is probably a bit of a tell but who cares, its what I’m going with here and you can’t stop me.

Not much else to say about trivial contest against an irrelevant opponent in the beginning of August so I think we can wrap it up.  Their next game is Friday night against the Seahawks and this one looks to be on the NFL Network at 10 EST.  I’ll be on a bus to Syracuse until about kickoff because my life is full of bad decisions but hopefully I’ll be able to at least catch the second half.  Might do another primer before that but I don’t forsee much change between now and then that would be worth catching up on at the moment but we will see.  You never know when a non contact injury to a young, star player can occur.  So until then, #skol.


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