Yankees, Not Red Sox, Trade For Todd Frazier, Others

I am so glad this is finally over and I no longer have to worry about what it would feel like to trade the remaining top prospect in the organization for a package that includes an aging third basemen just barely peaking over over the Mendoza Line.  I also realize the Yankees got some much needed bullpen help to go along with that anemic bat but I don’t really care about that.  In my experience, a bullpen doesn’t help a whole lot when you are watching games at home with your family come October.

I understand Devers could still be dealt at some point, possibly for someone even less appealing, because Davey won’t rest until that farm system is full of dudes destined to finish their 20s selling used cars and life insurance but for this moment, I can relax.  (Also, it should be noted that I have actually been in favor of the majority of his deals so far but his ‘anyone is available’ strategy is starting to worry me as their minor league rosters become less and less recognizable, thats all.)

I also realize that they do currently have a sizable hole at that particular position but when Todd Frazier is your best option I think you just turn off the lights and think of that one ex who everyone knew was way too good for you and finish, or better yet, just hope the youngster in Pawtucket can continue his already impressive run and come up to make an impact by the end of the year.  I mean, they are still in first place which I’m told is good so maybe there aren’t a lot of blockbusters left to make.

Although they did have this to say earlier today which we all know is exactly the kind of thing you float out there right before you trade someone.  Just like every coach whose ever been fired had the athletic department’s ‘full support and confidence’ only days before they hit the unemployment line.  But I’m not going to focus on that right now.  Instead, I’ll take this as a win and leave you with a sign-off laced with class and dignity.  Enjoy Todd, you pack of sibling fucking losers.



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