That Guy I Hate 7.12.17

This week on ‘that guy I hate’ the subject is the dude who works at the bar but hangs out there on his day off.  We’ve all seen this loser.  He converses with the current bartender at an unnecessary volume as if he is trying to make sure every single person within earshot knows this is ‘his’ bar.  He’s overly familiar with the bartender, sighting inside jokes and asking pointless questions about other people, always names, that work there that no one else could possibly know or participate in a conversation about.  I hate that fucking guy.  To be clear, I’m not saying if you work at a bar you can’t drink there.   That’s one of the greatest benefits associated with being a bartender and I would never wish to take that away from someone making less than minimum wage plus tips.  It’s just that ‘look at me look at me’ vibe this guy puts out.  No one that can hear you, and we can all hear you you know that, thinks you’re even a fraction as cool as you so desperately want us to believe.  Go get a hobby or a girlfriend or a dog or at the very least just act like a normal human being who is looking to forget the miserable life choices you’ve made to require the intake of alcohol like the rest of us, dick.  Don’t be that guy.

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