Disappointers Never Disappoint – Knicks Sign Tim Hardaway Jr.

I recently decided to become a Knicks fan, and only days later I have already been rewarded for my fealty.  Coming off of the high that was the Phil Jackson firing, Knicks fans were feeling good.  Well, as good as that pack of losers can feel considering the high point of the offseason was canning a future hall of famer.  Determined to remind the fan base who they really are, the Knicks have extended an offer sheet to Tim Hardaway Jr for an absurd $71 million(!) for 4 years.  I love everything about this.  The massive amount, the length and most of all the player.  No offense to Jr and his 11 ppg career avg but, let’s face it, no one would even know who he was if it wasn’t for his five time All-Star/notedly (allegedly) homophobic father Tim Hardaway Sr.

I think my favorite part of this is not the extravagant amount that they have paid him or the mediocre at best production he has generated, but that only a couple years ago he was a New York Knick.  They should know better than anyone what he is and what he is worth and the fact that they have done this anyways is just so perfect.  This organization is all I wanted it to be and more.  I really cannot wait to see what they do next.  They are the dollar store advent calendar of NBA organizations.  I can’t even speculate what they will do to top this going forward, but you can be assured that I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out.  Love this team.  #FreeOakley #FireDolan #Godzingis


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