I Saw Baby Driver And Now I Have An Inferiority Complex

I had extremely high hopes for this films.  It is written and directed by Edgar Wright who gave us Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and sort of Ant-Man.  It’s also currently at 97% on rotten tomatoes and with a masterpiece like Face/Off sitting at only 92% this has already set the my expectations at an unattainable level.

I just walked home from the theater and I am still attempting to collect my thoughts. I know this was a good movie but was it a great movie?  I’m still not sure but also yes it is a great movie.  This was almost exactly what I expected but also not at all because I have never seen a movie quite like this.  I realize none of this paragraph has made any sense but I suppose that is fitting considering the subject matter made perfect sense but also had no business working in really any way.  It was kind of silly and I guess the word is quirky but also an action movie with great chase scenes and oh yeah a love story cuz why not.  But it all works.  I almost don’t feel like I should be attempting to write about this because without explaining things in detail, and even if I did, it will just sound like the ramblings of a madman.  All that really needs to be said is that it is an impressive bit of film making.  The way that they are able to have all of these moving parts with the actors and set pieces and story all seemlessly transitioning together along with the music is really pretty amazing.  I can only assume making a normal movie is difficult but this seemed like an extra self imposed hurdle to add that was still seemingly easily cleared that now I’m kind of pisssed about because this mother fucker is just showing off.  God damn you, Edgar Wright for being better than us all.  Thanks, we get it.  Now im going to go to fandango and buy another ticket for a matinee this weekend, fuck.


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